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Lotus Herbals Coupons, Deals & Cashback for May 2022

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Buy Lotus Whiteglow Skin Whitening & Brightening Cream

They promise to deliver your skin with an effortless glow all day with our Lotus Herbals Whiteglow Range. 

Dull and tired skin is the biggest concern that comes in the way of achieving that perfect glow for our skin. The never-ending search of finding the ideal skincare regime best suited for our skin type is yet another task to be accomplished. And Let’s agree with a fact; we’re all obsessed with the idea of having fair skin. It is still considered a valued possession one must have, and many of us are constantly looking out for skincare remedies to achieve a fair & flawless complexion. With the revolution of fairness creams, it has become more convenient for people to boost and work on their complexion, no matter their skin colour. Skin Lightening creams deliver unparalleled glow to the skin, protect the skin from free radical damage, and help achieve skin tone upon regular usage.

We are here to offer you a real solution to cater to all your skin woes; the Lotus Herbals WhiteGlow Range carefully crafted with natural ingredients for unparalleled radiance & glow.

What is a Fairness Cream?

Fairness cream is a beauty product that helps to lighten the skin tone and block the sun rays. These work effectively by reducing the melanin secretion on our skin. In addition, these creams work to reduce unwanted tan and restore natural skin tone. Fairness Cream is a beauty product that lightens the skin tone and blocks the sun rays. These work effectively by reducing melanin secretion, removing the unwanted tan, and restoring the natural skin tone.

What is a Skin Whitening Cream? 

A skin whitening cream works similar to fairness creams and comes in wide varieties. If you wish to have fairer looking skin, it is essential to change your skincare routine and use products with skin whitening and lightening formulations. These products are made with various formulas that will suit most skin types and provide moisturising benefits. For example, incorporate a gel-based face whitening cream for oily skin or a moisturising skin whitening cream for dry skin.

How are Skin Lightening Creams Beneficial For Your Skin-

Provides Deep Nourishment & Hydration– Skin Lightening products provide your skin with intense hydration & nourishment, retaining the moisture while diminishing the visibility of imperfections. It also prevents melanin production that causes skin darkening and thus reveals refreshingly brighter and glowing skin.

Excessive Oil Control– These skin whitening products work miraculously for people with oily skin. These products help keep the excessive oils at bay and deeply cleanse the pores, thus promoting healthy-looking skin.

Removes Tanning & Dark Spots– Regular usage of these skin brightening gives one a visibly more radiant complexion and helps reduce dark spots, blemishes, and pigmentation.

Flawless & Glowing Skin– Skin whitening Creams are applied to impart sheer radiance and glow to the skin. As a result, your complexion gets relatively lighter and brighter when used regularly.

Cosmetic Benefits- Skin lightening creams provide a balanced pigmentation, even skin tone and reduced appearance of dark spots, freckles & acne scars.

The Lotus Herbals Whiteglow Range works effectively to-

Lighten(Reduce Uneven Skin Pigmentation)

Whitens(Reduce Dark Spots)

Brightens(Enhance Skin Radiance)

Our skin colour is never the parameter to decide how beautiful we are. Yet, there is nothing wrong with achieving the skin goals we have set for ourselves and enhancing our already admirable features. The Lotus Herbals Whiteglow Range has a variety of skincare products like skin brightening serum, skin lightening creams, skin whitening charcoal face packs & skin brightening face wash that are highly effective to deliver your skin with intense hydration and retaining moisture, and also illuminating the skin and diminishing the visibility of imperfections. It also prevents melanin production that causes skin darkening and thus reveals refreshingly brighter and glowing skin

Try out our Whiteglow Luxurious Treats Today!